Anna trebunskaya and evan lysacek dating

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I always chose to sacrifice everything else for the sake of training and I was training maybe six hours a day or eight hours a day.The last couple of years I figured, oh God, if I’m not doing anything else, I might as well train 10 or 12 hours a day. This is my second tour actually since the Olympics and it’s been one year exactly. In the interim I went to Asia and I toured over there.I mine as well literally put all of my eggs in this basket. For the summer I did many sponsor appearances and speaking engagements and photo shoots and really occupied every ounce of my time for the last year, but I’m starting to get to the point now where I can actually say it.So the fact that it worked out appropriately was so fulfilling and in a way gave me justification for the way that I lived.” CY: So then with that being said, what are your future plans? But it is hard for me to say, I need a vacation cause I’m not the type of person that enjoys downtime.Instead, it will be an opportunity for him to reflect on his future.What Evan presents us with in this CYInterview is soul searching self-analysis about his life.

They’re very confident and they’re starting to realize as they get to the middle of the program, which I would say is 12 years old or 13 years old, that they can do anything they want. I think I’ve gained perspective as the last year goes on. The last couple years, I had so few genuine reactions to any event that I participated in. Not many things can do that to me and give me that feeling.A lot of the girls once they reach the high school level, not a lot, but some of them have gotten scholarships to the most elite private prep schools in Manhattan and they’re going on to finish their education there.” CY: You are an Olympic gold medallist Evan and yeah you’re not George Clooney, you’re not Angelia Jolie, but you were the first Olympic Gold Medalist in 22 years [A Man from the USA that won Gold]. And in the figure skating world and this may be true in more sporting worlds than I even know, but as you come up in the sport, you lose the experience of true genuine honest reaction after a competition. The Olympics is a different, little bit different animal than any other event. I wish that I did because I like to try and attempt to control situations as much as I can. So I guess that’s how I felt about it right away, in the moment.You either expect to win, so when you do win, you’re relieved instead of excited and if you lose instead of being motivated, you’re embarrassed. I had thought going in it’s not about the placement. It’s why I’m so superstitious, but I didn’t know what to expect. As it started to sink in, I felt a great deal of fulfillment.He ponders the question all people think about, at one time or another, “What’s next? After the Olympics, Evan jumped into , finishing second.” Having put in six to 12 hours of training a day, in preparation for the biggest moment of his life, the gold medalist knows he missed out on all kinds of experiences. Lysacek thinks his dancing was mediocre yet believes, perhaps, that the ABC show impacted his skating.

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