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Retouch, skin smoothing, dodge, burn, contrast, saturation, blur and sharpen are just a few of the tools that can be brushed in or out with a very high degree of accuracy due to brush size options, softness, strength, feathering and edge detection.Others will talk about the face detection, places (gps tagging), merging libraries, adjustment presets, flagging, labels, custom books or print capabilities, but so far there are five areas where this new version of Aperture excels over version 2.1.4.

If you combine these with an improved RAW processor, which in my opinion is equal to or in some cases better than, the competition, add a Mobile Me account and the web publishing capabilities, then Aperture 3 is a serious force to be reckoned with.Computer programmes were needed to make sense of this new and groundbreaking technology and I believe that Aperture has earned its rightful place within the industry.Maybe because I shoot so many frames, I have found editing my work to be one of the most challenging disciplines to learn.At the time, I had no idea of the challenge facing me.After each shoot I would find a café with Wi-Fi or use a datacard and then make my edit, colour correct, export and up load around 20 frames per show.

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And given the tight deadlines, the job would simply not have been possible without it.

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