Christian dating temptation

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The media bombards us with sexually charged images that, on the surface, entice us with the promise of fulfillment.

However, in reality, sexual immorality leads to bondage, heartbreak, and destruction.

He loved to "push the envelope" or "take it to the edge." One particular afternoon, my mother, my son, and I visited the local shopping mall. After making sure he was all right, I asked, "What happened? And most, like my son, will fall headlong into sin before they realize what happened!

As lunchtime approached, I made my way to the food court, instructing my son before I walked away, "Listen to Grandma, while I go get lunch for everyone." I left them sitting near a fountain in the center of the mall. I pushed my way back through the crowd, and I saw my son, soaking wet, a puddle forming around his feet, water dripping from his clothes and shoes. " My son responded, "I wanted to see how close I could get to the edge without falling in. So, how can we guard our hearts, minds, and emotions and avoid falling into sexual sin?

I’m obviously joking.” Of course the Bible does not give direct Christian dating advice on long-distance relationships.

I believe the whole point of Christian dating is to get to know someone better for the purpose of seeing if the two of you want to progress into marriage.

If you just are physically attracted to someone, if you just like having a boyfriend or girlfriend so you don’t feel lonely, or if you just like the status of showing up to parties with someone, dating long-distance is going to expose these poor Christian dating motives quite quickly.

Women read steamy romance novels and gossip magazines.

They engage in mental fantasies and visit Internet chat rooms.

To remain sexually pure, we must guard our heart, mind, and emotions, which is where sexual compromise begins.

My son, a strong-willed child, often challenged my authority while growing up.

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God designed the sexual union to be an expression of the lifelong commitment made between a husband and a wife within the boundaries of marriage.