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Christian single dating shining star site

" Magnuson's interpretation: "It's basically saying, 'Don't marry a non-Christian.'" Most of the Christian singles sites include testimonials from couples who married after linking up through the internet.

Wieck, an architect and Adventist Church deacon from Sun Valley, Calif., proposed to Tonya during their first date, after he flew to her home in Amarillo, Texas."I don't think single people are integrated into Christian churches as they should be," said Dan Magnuson, who runs a service called Adam Meet Eve. You're almost ostracized because you're not 'normal.'" Adam Meet Eve has attracted 6,000 members since it went online in February, Magnuson said.It has been free thus far, though a monthly fee of US is planned. Magnuson considers himself to be doing God's work, and cites a verse from 2 Corinthians as corroboration: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?Spotting a familiar moniker making overtures, one woman e-mailed to another: "Nancy, run like h--l from Dale. He has been on the Single Mingle and really has done some great harm to some unsuspecting women." Matt Donnelly, an editor with Christianity Online, advised users to keep marriage expectations low and instead aim for making new friends. "I know that God does not want to see me cry, and I cry because I have a heart with so much to give to that right person." Magnuson's Adam Meet Eve site offers encouragement."Remember that there is nothing wrong with being single," it says.

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"We also had a guy from Kuwait who wanted to talk about sex with any young lady who'd give him the time of day," Magnuson said. "If you're going in with that attitude, you're setting yourself up for a fall." Some messages posted on Lutheran Online's singles site are poignant in their admissions of loneliness.

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