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Dating bandra

This southern tip of Mumbai, reclaimed from the sea, has a beautiful promenade where you could lounge on one of the concrete benches facing the Arabian Sea or take your date for a stroll.

The enchanting silence of the jungle can be a blissful escape from the commotion of city life. If you are lucky, you could get a two-seater paddle boat to explore the lake.

Living in Mumbai is expensive, especially when you consider the high cost of real estate.

However, dating in Maximum City doesn’t need to be.

Another comparative study, by Deutsche Bank, noted that “Indian cities are also the cheapest for a date.” (Londoners on a date would have to pay a lot more, relatively, for “cabs, burgers, drinks, and a trip to the movies.”)Still, there is a lot of variance within Indian cities.

Mumbai is the largest city in India with a population of approximately 22 million as of 2015 and about 40% of a ‘s salary goes towards rent.

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Officially known as Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway is a commercial street offering everything from clothes to antique artifacts.