Facetime nude

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Facetime nude

I work at a doctor’s office where people come to get their marijuana legalization cards. I have people from all walks of life come in…war vets, celebrities and a bunch of rappers. ” and she said when she found out she was a Playmate she didn’t even know what that was!We have people come in that you never would have expected. She was so sweet and way shorter than I thought she was.I had a dream of modeling and becoming a Playmate, so my manager helped me take the plunge to move to L. For example, when I first moved out here I wanted to surf and was told that it was really hard and that most people don’t get it very quickly, but I tried and on the 10th day I caught like five waves, so I picked that up pretty quick. I picked up motocross when I was about 11 years old and I was involved in the community until I was about 15 and puberty hit and I was a girl with a butt and boobs.So I hung that up, but I still was athletic, even at a young age.

Playboy.com: What do you do when you’re not modeling? People come in and see our doctor and get evaluated and they walk out with their card. We were all by the pool and I was like, “Hi, Kendra, I want to become a Playmate and I was wondering how long it took you to become a Playmate?It's also possible, if you record the conversation, that the video will end up in the wrong hands if for example your computer is stolen or things like that, but I do not think this is a huge risk.(and of course, you do not need to record it)To be blunt, I think the biggest practical concern you have is to what degree you trust your boyfriend.I guess my body encouraged me, and my friends and family.I was a girl that didn’t realize I had a hot body because I was wrapped up in sports, so by the time I quit sports everyone was like, “You’ve got a hot body, big boobs and a small waist.” And of course my dad always had around the house growing up, so I was like “hmmm.” Playboy.com: Were your parents supportive of your choice to pose for Playboy.com? There are lines, though; my parents wouldn’t be supportive if I was doing another brand that wasn’t . I prefer real boobs because I feel like they’d be better during sex.

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My sister was always a beauty queen so I wanted to make myself different, and sports was the direction I needed to go to do that.