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Eviscerating Darren Mc Carty is about as difficult as convincing Scott Anderson to shove a Paczki down his gullet.

But then Brian Cook of MGo posted this disemboweling of David Brandon so I had to defend my turf.

A secret recording device somehow failed during a key interaction in which Malik discussed blowing up buildings in downtown Toronto, an undercover RCMP officer testified on Wednesday.

This dog excrement from the bottom of your shoe has the audacity to state that a sure first-ballot Hall of Famer shouldn’t have his jersey retired even though he played with the man while Mc Carty was either hungover, drunk, high or strung out, according to multiple sources.

A stain on society who claims he is sober now but in the next sentence admits to drinking beer and smoking marijuana.

If you look at the guys that are up there, they’re all 20-plussers. Fedorov didn’t play “most of his career” in Detroit? How much coke do you need to inhale through your nasal passage to forget basic math? Sid Abel played a year less in Detroit than Fedorov before leaving for Chicago.

Sawchuk played 14 in Motown and then played for FOUR more organizations. And what the hell would Darren Mc Carty know about honor, anyway?

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But the Fedorov stuff is personal to me and has become my cause célèbre.

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