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Well, doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity. If you are the family scapegoat, then the shadow you are trying to run from is not yours, but your family’s. Either way they are the one family member that won’t accept the superficial front covering the dysfunction. This syndrome can start in childhood and continue into adulthood. “The family scapegoat is the fall guy for other people’s troubles.Have you or someone you know experienced Scapegoating? Welcome to our Baby & Child modelling club where you can chat to other members about any aspect of child modelling, as well as make friends and swap notes.

Would it be best to try a few local agencies, rather than ones in London? I have thought about modeling for my little one befoer, but get bogged down with all the agencies! I've seen a local company called Bubble gum advertised in a mag that comes from the local council through the school so I'm pressumming that their decent. is this normal or is it a con agency thought id ask advice before going any further or can you recomend an agency. Hiya, We've just signed up with bizzykidz last week, the 94 for website was a lot less than some agencies.

hi i live in the west mids and though agencies have said they would take my son on they dont think its fair on him to have to travel to london for auditions do you now of any agencies around here for me to try with him? cus shes so beautiful and i want to show her to the world!! And there're loads of scammers out there so you have to be careful. It's just that you hear so many bad stories about being ripped off etc, so if anyone has got any advice it would be great! Rascals is who we went for although not actually signed up with them yet as there is joining fee's etc.

thanks Hi girls : P what do you think of baby modeling? id all the money made from it in to her bank account for when shes older? I think it's usually the case that real model agencies don't ask for money upfront. I've had a reply back from the Elisabeth Smith Agency, who would like to meet my baby. We will probably be joining with them soon though as ive heard really great stuff about them, they have been running for 25 years.

The scapegoat in a family is often the sensitive, independent or the outspoken one. They’re the one who doesn’t play the game according to the dysfunctional rules and even when they do, they still get blamed for things that go wrong.

You may not guess that a family uses these debilitating ways to deal with their problems by looking from the outside in. They’re simply stuck in a destructive, hurtful pattern of coping.

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They've told me to send in head shots of the boys and if they feel they have 'the look' they'll take things further. reputable agencies are allowed to charge a fee for website set-up, but there are also some good agencies that don't charge anything, but of course everyone is applying to them so they can be hard to get into, but worth a go.

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