Htc sensation friend stream not updating Nudist camp pics

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Htc sensation friend stream not updating

I'm running Launcher pro plus and my phone model is HTC sensation Z710e Rooting a phone and freezing/removing stock apps is your own risk. only if you see ( ) ( A new camera can be downloaded on the market "Hint be sure the cam recorder works" ) [STOCKS] dcs.service.stock demoflopackageinstaller laputa.locations.widget3d ( It's obviously for anyone that's wondering what apps are safe to freeze on a stock, rooted HTC Sensation. I'm still testing it for a while so I won't delete the wrong stock apps.

Not sure if anyone has done this before, but it's a good idea really, especially for those that have just rooted yet still on stock, and are trying to squeeze more out of the stock ROM. Originally Posted by aznprodgy nice, you have more patience than I do lol. Launcher Pro was my favorite launcher up until they stopped updating it *edit* nvm just saw you didnt delete any of the apps listed. I will delete stock apps if I'm sure it doesn't cause any problems. I'm running a system over it now because launcher pro is very very light.

After recovering with Titanium Backup, I was able to just FREEZE them with no side affects so they remain in that state.Using Friend Stream HTC’s Friend Stream connects you to all your social networks simultaneously – you can share and get updates from friends in popular networks like Facebook and Twitter in a single feed.With Friend Stream, you can easily track your friends’ status messages, photo uploads and notifications — or comment and post your own.You must be signed in to at least one social network account to use Friend Stream.To use your Facebook account on Friend Stream, you need to be signed in via Facebook for HTC Sense.

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There, we meet a scroll arc at the bottom that is just an indication of which homescreen pane youre on it can't be used for actual scrolling.

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