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Casual daters exhibit no attachment or commitment to any one partner and choose to go out on dates with different people.

Some date casually as a social activity and as a way to meet new people.

Any discussion of dating begins with an exploration of the reasons why people date.

For many people, dating is a serious commitment between two emotionally connected partners that ultimately leads to marriage.

The motivations for high school-aged people to date are largely exploratory.

For others with no express intention of marriage, dating can still be an important avenue for personal happiness and emotional security in the context of exclusive closeness, or intimacy.

Others engage in what has been termed "casual" dating.

Prior to this time, Western culture predominantly viewed sex as an act of consummation reserved for marriage and procreation.

The innovation of contraceptive pills and devices (for example, condoms and diaphragms) substantially reduced the health and pregnancy risks associated with sex.

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Relationships are characterized by emotional bonding based on each partner's material perceptions of each other.

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