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Tatsuya is the protagonist of Innocent Sin and a playable character in Eternal Punishment.As stated above while talking about Jun, Tatsuya can fall in love with Lisa, Maya, Eikichi, or Jun which makes him openly bisexual.Kanji is a former gang leader who must face the fact that he likes men (a fact that his Shadow reveals within the TV land).However, the game makes this extremely ambiguous, sometimes implying that he might be struggling with the idea of liking men and other times implying that he is just afraid of women making fun of him for being secretly effeminate.He also makes some comments as to the beauty of men that further point to his bisexuality.Overall, his homosexual relationship with Jun is never questioned and does not change the story in any way.

Mitsuru then proceeds to ask if she can hold Minako’s hand while they watch a scary movie together.Even though a lot of the eroticism could be portrayed as admiration, or pseudo-crushes, some of these are still notable.Also, there are characters who actually deal with LGBT issues, though unlike most media, Persona used to deal with LGBT issues a lot better in the past compared to how they deal with them now.If Tatsuya chooses Jun, they are able to have a positively portrayed homosexual romantic relationship that the other playable character don’t disapprove of.Also, the character designer for the game, Kazuma Kaneko, said that he considers Tatsuya/Jun to be the canon relationship choice, which also says a lot about the Persona series’ views on LGBT characters and relationships.

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Whether you choose a male or female player character, following Aigis’ Social Link will cause her to fall in love with you.