Radiodating and analysis

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Such dating wouldn’t show the wood’s true age, since creationists have long shown that the huge imbalance of carbon in the world due to the global Flood catastrophe would give artificially old radiocarbon dates, especially those from the early post-Flood era.C in the wood has not yet had time to disintegrate totally, is in line with what one would expect, based on the true history of the world given in the Bible by the One who made all, and Who alone is infinite in knowledge, wisdom and power.

This far-ranging exploration of biblical history also makes use of archival footage of previous archaeological excavations, maps, biblical illustrations and computer animation, revealing ancient architecture, cuneiform tablets and other rare artifacts.

Yes, the reaction to these sorts of findings is always "ignore it" and suppress it.

These sorts of people want to keep everyone ignorant, many of whom are just as happy to remain wilfully ignorant. I have already talked to many about this both unbelievers and those who say they believe (but also believe in an old earth) showed them evidence, presented to them how the C14 dating works and it's shelf life and most of them got upset with me.

I remember I was like them and it took The Lord through His Holy Spirit to first save me and after that He opened my eyes to many things, including world historical events such as the flood of Noah's day. I can think of a few more options: 4) Make sure that 36 000 years is not an age one would expect to get from an undatable sample.

I found this piece from ICR interesting in that regard: "First, any instrument which is built to measure radiocarbon has a limit beyond which it cannot separate the signal due to radiocarbon in the sample from the signal due to background processes within the measuring apparatus.

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