Scholarly journals on internet dating

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Scholarly journals on internet dating

For some Black professionals, finding a mate with such similarities may be perceived as difficult.There exists the possibility that if Black professionals were to use online dating to expand the pool of potential mates, then their selections may be more likely to in accordance with desired traits and qualities.Economic considerations, such as the cost of computers and online dating memberships, are also outlined as potential barriers.Additionally, soft research techniques (e.g., internet search results describing a topic subjectively, culturally, or opinion-based) were implored to fill the gap left by the limited hard research on the process of online dating, the challenges associated with its use (e.g., discrimination, digital deception), and the cultural norm differences in face-to-face versus online dating.

JMF is published in February, April, June, August, and October of each year. Its worldwide circulation is more than 6,200 copies.Most notably, professionals tend to be geographically transient, often finding themselves in cities where diversity is scarce or the pool of diverse professionals is perceived to be limited.Busy lifestyles are also a significant contributing factor impacting the pursuit of social outlets.Implications for future research and recommendations for Black online daters are provided.searcher with nearly a decade of experience, I can attest that there is consistent evidence of the importance of establishing social support for clinical clients.

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