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Hentz's story is one of many written throughout the nineteenth century in which a character representing the northern perspective courts and marries a character with a southern outlook, thereby dramatizing the victory of one or another point of view, or, especially after the Civil War, the possibility of a reconciliation of the divided portions of the country.

Hentz's Eoline; or, Magnolia Vale (1852) is set entirely in the South, and while it romanticizes many aspects of southern life, it also depicts realistic elements of courtship.

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When authors write courtship stories, they dramatize the transitional space between single and married life and identify how various family and community groups are invested in the outcome of the courtship.For a southern girl, courtship practices governed her passage from belle to matron.For her family, this passage was critical to assuring the smooth transfer of property (especially land and slaves) from one privileged family to another and within the planter class as a whole, to perpetuating and reinforcing the strict system of race, gender, and class hierarchy.The story in The Daily News from April centered on a talk she gave him in a parking lot.According to her, he…Kenny Vaccaro’s wife Kahli Vaccaro became engaged to him on November 2, 2017.

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A courtship plot is predictable, but that does not mean it has no deeper significance.

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