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Let us know which chatline you enjoyed the most and if you decided to subscribe....

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They have a chance of meeting partners whom they could never meet at church, in bars, or as “friends of a friend.” The more dismal the singles scene in their community, the more motivated people will be to try computer matching. On sites like Craigslist, people drift from looking for an apartment to looking for a sex partner for the night with a few clicks of the mouse....

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Nor are they part of the rising generation of gender-fluid individuals for whom the ever-lengthening list of sexual identities and affinities spells liberation from the heteronormative assumptions of parents and peers....

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Before we dated we would walk and in the evening exchange text messages before we went to bed. We both spoke English, a but to learn her language was something endearing....

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Consequently I will not be going down this year, because the voyageurs [French independent traders] who are beholden to me have not returned, they have been gone to trap game in the Arkansa[s] since this autumn, to make your pots [of bear oil] that I owe you, which I was unable to make this year....

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