Updating arraycollection

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Updating arraycollection

Flex applications are built with Flex Builder, which is a free download from There are several resources available on the web to help get you started on your own applications.All modern browsers have some default methods of uploading which can be expanded to some degree.But to make a really sleek application which can provide cool features like upload progress, image preview, and multiple file uploads may take a good deal of work in DHTML.This, along with having the ability to upload multiple files in succession, will dictate the type of UI we will build.The Flex controls that lend themselves to this task most easily are the List-based controls.

Websites like Youtube and Flickr have had a great deal of success by primarily focusing on user-generated content.

Because so many people are uploading media, making the process as easy as possible makes the most sense.

Keeping reading to see how Flex can do this for you.

With that said, I think a Flash Uploader sets itself apart by allowing customizable user interfaces that work well on any platform which supports the Flash player.

What Flex brings to the able Flex is a technology that gives us the ability to write Rich Internet Applications (RIAa) using an XML-based language (known as MXML) and Action Script.

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Click the "(1)" button to change the value of "One" to "Three". You can also see this update correctly if you click button (1) then button (2). Expected Results: Changing an item in the data provider should cause the Data Grid to invalidate and refresh its UI.