Updating to windows xp service pack 1

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Updating to windows xp service pack 1

However, many people with music-only PCs have already decided that it isn't really worth the risk of installing SP2 if their PC is already willing and stable when running audio applications.I normally agree with this 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' approach.Outlook Express and Windows Messenger have also been updated to identify and isolate malicious file attachments as they are being opened, while Windows Explorer has been updated to prevent pop-up adverts and unwanted downloads occurring.Many users have also noticed that their browsing experience feels considerably more responsive.The most obvious outward sign that you've installed Microsoft's Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is the new Security Center (sic).You should install SP2 on any PC connected to the Internet, but there are some caveats (see main text).Given the huge complexity and depth of this major update, it's perhaps not surprising that Microsoft have also already released several 'Hot Fixes' to solve a few issues (although not too many users will be affected and need to download them).As I write this, a few PC users with Intel Prescott processors seem to have run into problems with their machines not being able to boot up at all following the SP2 update (few musicians are currently using this range, due to its high power dissipation and therefore potentially noisier cooling requirements).

But as reports of a few audio-related problems surface, should musicians go ahead and install it?

Unfortunately, as some of its users have already found, the Sonar mixing engine uses some self-generating/modifying code that can cause Windows to stop execution of the code and warn about a possible security problem.

Fortunately, it's fairly easy to add Sonar to the list of specific applications that ignore DEP (see the Cakewalk web site at details).

So, for those of you installing Windows XP from scratch, running SP2 straight afterwards will ensure that you've got every fix and the most up-to-date versions of every file, all in one clean hit.

However, anyone who currently has problems with a PC running Windows XP and Service pack 1 shouldn't expect SP2 to be a cure-all — it's far better to attempt to solve any issues you have before you apply the update.

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Well, SP2 includes a host of tweaks and bug fixes (if you would like to, you can read the full list at

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