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Who cm punk dating

Rollins also cited Punk as a very influential wrestler who set the stage for WWE's current "new era" of superstars."He's a guy who led the charge for a long time," Rollins said."He's one of the first indie guys in a long, long time to really shake [up] the main roster in WWE and he paved the way for Daniel Bryan, for myself, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and those guys."Say what you will about his attitude and his relationship with the company right now, but I wish him the best and I hope that he is successful -- win, lose or draw."Ryback, who parted ways with WWE on his own terms in August, took offense in recent years to comments made by Punk that he was "reckless" to work with in the ring, which escalated a war of words between them.His contract ends this summer and it could be possible that we see CM Punk back, but on one condition. This would allow him to be back for say, 6 months, then off 6 months.It would allow him to work to be with AJ, but also allow him time off to heal and refocus.That respect has trickled down to his peers in the world of sports entertainment.Paul Heyman, who served as Punk's on-screen manager in WWE from 2012 until Punk abruptly walked away from the company in January 2014, has no doubt regarding the intentions of the five-time WWE world champion."Any conversation that I had with CM Punk dating back, even when he was still in WWE and was dreaming of getting involved in mixed martial arts, is that he was doing a switchover of careers from becoming a sports entertainer to becoming a full-time, career-oriented mixed martial artist," Heyman told in June.With Punk currently being sued by a WWE doctor for defamation, it has been difficult for current superstars to speak publicly regarding Punk's UFC debut.

As a result, they came back to WWE after an absence so they could be with them more.

No one has been able to make the transition as prominently, and with as much success, as former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

The comparisons between Lesnar and Punk were inevitable, despite the fact that Punk enters MMA as a complete novice, one month shy of his 38th birthday.

Lesnar, on the other hand, had a legitimate background as an NCAA Division I champion in wrestling, not to mention that he's simply a freak athlete with natural size and speed advantages over most opponents.

Punk told ESPN Radio in June that Lesnar was excited for him in the beginning, offering his help."He said, 'Bug me any time you want, I'll answer all the stupid questions you got,'" Punk said. Brock's a nice guy when he wants to be."Josh Barnett, who has straddled the worlds of MMA and professional wrestling as well as anyone, said it's simple: "The biggest thing for Phil is don't hold back, don't doubt, don't hesitate. You're in the UFC." But Lesnar, during a visit to Bristol in June to promote his one-off return at UFC 200, downplayed the idea that his ability to float between MMA and WWE was opening doors for others, Punk included."There will never be another Brock Lesnar," he said.

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So it would make sense that he would want to take time off.

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