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Who is tom anderson dating

Anderson told the Anchorage Daily News the contract was to advise the association on member relations and to research telecommunications policies in other states.As chair of the House Labor and Commerce Committee, Anderson dealt in an official capacity with telecommunications issues, but Anderson said he was careful to avoid conflicts of interest and did not push his employers' interests.They did not learn he was there as a consultant for VECO until 2004, when his state financial disclosure form was filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, as required by law.In September 2005 it was disclosed that Anderson and Lesil Mc Guire, a fellow Republican representative from Anchorage, had married during the summer and that Anderson was moving out of his district to live with Mc Guire in her South Anchorage residence.

By Alaska state law, legislators are not permitted to perform lobbyist work that would require them to register with the Alaska Public Offices Commission for a full year after they leave office, but lobbying the municipality on local issues did not appear to require registration with APOC.

Ultimately, the portion of the law requiring registered sex offenders who had completed their sentences to provide DNA samples was struck down as unconstitutional by U. District Judge John Sedwick; other provisions of the law remained intact. Critics charges that the new law did not regulate loaners enough, still permitting them to charge fees for payday loans that amounted to interest rates of over 300 percent when calculated on an annual percentage basis.

In the second legislative session in 2004, Anderson was the House sponsor of a "payday loan" bill to regulate short-term, high-interest loans. An Associated Press wire story about the bill noted that Anderson had received campaign contributions of 0 each (for a total of 00) from the two co-owners of Cash Alaska, a payday lending company that had also hired former state senator Tim Kelly to push for the bill.

In 2002, Anderson, acting as CHARR's executive director, received ,800 from the association.

In 2002 Anderson, then serving as executive director of the Anchorage Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailers Association (CHARR), a trade association of Anchorage-area bars and restaurants, ran as a Republican against Democrat Owen Carey for Alaska House District 19, covering the Muldoon area of Anchorage.

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In July 2007 he was found guilty on all seven felony counts and was sentenced in October 2007 to 60 months imprisonment to commence at the Federal Prison Camp in Sheridan, Oregon, on December 3, 2007. In that capacity, Anderson was also an aide for the legislature's Budget and Audit Committee and the House Finance Committee.

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